How It Works?


We know we’re re┬ábrand new site that has much to offer, so with that being said we wanted to lay things out for you and show you what Tenbash has to offer.


On our homepage, you can see that we have a general questions area in the center of the page. This will be your main section where questions are being asked, answers are being given and problems are being solved.

It’s a great feature!

Also on our homepage, we’ve created a “Learn More” tab, which has direct access to our blog directory that will provide you with information regarding the given subject.

Our “Blogging Opportunities” section is still in the works, but will give you access to tons of blogging, earning and sponsored opportunities.

Centered on the page below the questions section you’ll be able to find our good ol blog!

We’ve presented several widgets that will give you access to “Groups”, “Topics” and your own profile. Simply click on your own image or name to be brought to your own profile.

Your Profile:

Once clicked on your image, name or the “Profile” tab in the menu bar, you’ll be brought to your profile.

There you’ll be able to update your states, share ideas or updates.

In the profile sub tab, you’ll be able to edit your personal info, such as your profile picture, header picture, view your points and more.

All of the other tabs show sections you’re involved in as a member, like messages, your friends, groups and forums.

Click on settings to reset your password or more.

– The Tenbash Team

PS: This page will be update regularly.