5 Best Social Media Post Schedulers

5 Best Social Media Post Schedulers

Social media schedulers are considered to be some of the most valuable tools in the industry that can help grow your blog/business immensely fast.

I myself as a blogger, have witnessed the impact of using a scheduler, and it is incredible.

In a matter of months, I’ve transformed a blog from 10k to 100k of monthly visitors, resulting in earning over $1,500 per month and climbing, while just 2-3 months ago I was earning less than $10 per month.

If you’re serious about blogging, you need a scheduler that will help you promote your content effectively.

We’ve put together a list for you of some of the most valuable social media schedulers out there.

Check it out!



Tailwind is the ultimate Pinterest scheduling tool, that has played a crucial part in my blogging success.

Being able to schedule pins at random times, 24/7 has helped me grown my Pinterest following and blog traffic immensely in a matter of months.

If you and your business/blog don’t have Pinterest, you’re missing out on a huge traffic driver.

If you are on Pinterest, Tailwind is an absolute must!

They have a free program that let’s you schedule 100 pins, though I myself have bought the plus program for $99 per year and I consider it to be my greatest investment yet.

Before Tailwind, my blog was making less than $10 per month.

Two months after Tailwind, I made $1,500 in that month, following multiple more months with increasing traffic and revenue.


Hootsuite is an amazingly simple scheduling tool, that’s completely FREE!

I think the user experience is much better when scheduling on a smartphone than on a desktop or laptop.

Hostile allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.


FPTraffic is an excellent Facebook scheduling tool that is super easy to use.

For a monthly payment of $15, you have the ability to use their service scheduling as many posts as you’d like.

Their dashboard and user interface make it extremely easy to plan ahead for weeks and even months, allowing you to not worry about posting manually.


Boardbooster – like Tailwind – is most know as a Pinterest scheduling tool and is highly praised by the professional bloggers in the industry.

Some prefer Tailwind, others prefer Boardbooster.

Both have different positives and negatives, but both act as an extremely valuable analytical tool for your Pinterest account, which helps you understand your account and your followers behavior much better.


Often times, social media platforms themselves will allow you to schedule posts on their own platform.

So far, Twitter and Facebook allow you to schedule posts as far in advance as you’d like.

The downside is that unlike legitimate schedulers, scheduling directly through a social media platform will not give you certain advantages, like easily duplicating schedules and more.

You’d have to schedule every single post manually, one by one.

For a better Facebook sharing experience we suggest you use FPTraffic or even Tailwind.


Social media schedulers are a must.

I remember a time when I myself was afraid of investing $100 into my blog, not knowing if I would see a return.

If anything, I can say that I’ve invested a lot of money, purchasing things for my blog, using services and so on.

The one and only tool I’ve so far seen an incredible return on, is the use of Tailwind, which I consider to be the best investment I’ve ever made.

If you’re serious about blogging, get a social media scheduler!

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